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It turned around, looked at me and seemed to be extremely
surprised that somebody had talked to it. I kept walking. A few steps
after, I noticed the way it had been looking at me, so I looked back and
felt something deep tug in my heart.

It was just like any other day, me walking in a big hurry to take the bus.
In the distance, a big dog showed up. It was coming straight at me,
shuffling its paws and with its head and tail down. It looked blue. I felt
sorry for it so I told it “hello!”.

“Of course it’s not going to answer. I wish he could speak and tell me
what he is going through”, I  thought to myself.  “I couldn’t imagine
what it feels like to be a street dog”.

Something was breaking inside of me. I realized that nobody
had spoken politely to it in a very long time. Since that day I try to say
hello to every homeless dog I find on streets.